Our Philosophy


1-for-1 Model

Syn (ΣΥΝ): a Greek prefix meaning “with”, “together”. 


“We come together by sharing the generosity of Mother Earth.”


Our vision has been heavily influenced by the working of Nature where a tree and the whole Nature exist in mutual dependency and support. We aim to find the most creative small local producers from the Lesvos region with high-quality and sustainability standards. We prioritize village cooperatives, women producers, and traditional family production who use local ingredients exclusively. Our portfolio includes carefully-selected products with these standards. 


Our “1-for-1” model means that for every purchase from ΣΥΝLESVOS Project, we donate. This is our interpretation of sharing the generosity of Nature. For every sale, we donate to our partner organizations. When you purchase from our E-shop, you can also add a donation and select an organization that you want to send your donation to. 


We have carefully selected two partner organizations, each with a different cause but both working hard and transparently for helping the vulnerable. 


Kanenas Monos is a local non-profit cooperative that is dedicated to helping those in need on the island, fighting rural and urban poverty mostly in the form of food donations. You can learn more about the organisation and follow their day-to-day actions via their Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/groups/339552456642797/


WWBT (When We Band Together) Hellas is an NGO based in Lesvos that focuses on the wellness and integration of refugee women and children in various projects. You can learn about the organisation and its actions via their website www.wwbt.org and via their social media accounts.


Our Vision 

With our “1-for-1” model, we support local producers; while also helping the most helpless in the society hence aiming for better cohesion. But our vision is much deeper than this. 


Our vision is two-fold: supporting sustainability in agricultural production; and, promoting a coherent society with responsible and mindful consumption culture.

Sustainability in agricultural production is more crucial than ever considering the state of the world. It is everyone’s duty to support those who are still protecting our resources and sustain land, products, and traditions while trying to make a decent living out of it. That is why we exclusively work with local producers dedicated to these goals.

However, it is our mindless consumption culture that puts the world into this crisis. Therefore, no substantial change can happen unless we change our consumption culture. That is why we want to introduce a new responsible and mindful consumption as an everyday reality. It is a new mentality where we sincerely care about the source and the ethics of the products we consume while also making sharing a part of our daily consumption.

By becoming a supporter of our project, you can offer the gift of exquisite tastes of Lesvos to yourself, your loved ones, your friends, and colleagues, knowing that you are also helping those in need.



The foundational philosophy of ΣΥΝLESVOS is to share the generosity of Mother Earth in the same way: generously and without discrimination. Therefore, with our project, you do not simply enjoy the exquisite gifts of the earth of Lesvos, but also help others who are in need. As such, we respond to the generosity of Mother Earth, as such we get together.

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In ΣΥΝLESVOS, we strongly believe that sustainability in every aspect of our lives is the only way to build a just future. Sustainability in the food industry and food security has become one of the biggest concerns for the present and future of our globe. That is why we collaborate with the carefully-selected local producers. We carefully choose local producers that fulfill a series of criteria, i.e. eco-farms, small farms, family production, village and women’s cooperatives, fully locally-sourced production, etc. Only the most premium local products fulfilling locality and sustainability criteria are included in our catalog.


We only use eco-friendly packaging in order to minimize our impact on the environment. We never use plastic items in our packaging and we encourage our collaborating producers in their transition to more environment-friendly packaging methods.