Our Local contributors


For every box ordered, we actually prepare two packages: the selected box with the exquisite premium products of Lesvos for you, which we call SYNbox, and a package containing basic food products again sourced by local producers for a refugee or local family, which we call SYNbag. At the end of every month, we distribute the SYNbags to the refugee families in collaboration with local authorities and civil society. The families are determined according to their neediness following certain criteria, i.e. families with small children, unassisted single mothers with small children, families with new mothers, families who don’t receive enough support, will always be prioritized. The SYNbags are sourced from top-quality local producers and include basic food items, i.e. pasta, cheese, tomato paste, olives, honey, as well as seasonal items,  i.e. Easter buns, Christmas desserts, Ramadan pittas, fresh items of the season. All our activities, including the preparation and distribution process of SYNbags, are transparently recorded on a monthly basis and can also be followed from our blog.